For Clients

For Clients

Mojomums is an exciting new concept that aims to change the face of recruitment and the shape of the workforce in the UK. We have structured the business to be able to run ‘not for profit’ training and business skills for our mums. We aim to create a unique online community that will allow like-minded mums to network and promote their own businesses.

All companies who use Mojomums will be recognised on our website and in our directory.

We meet all of our mums and through back-to-work training we ensure that they are confident and ready to re-start their careers. We offer many routes to employment for our mums and a wide range of services to our clients that allow you to pick and choose the package best suited to the position and your business.

Below is a list of the ways in which you can benefit from using a Mojomum:

Work Placement Schemes

We have skilled mums who are looking to gain some work experience before moving back into a permanent role. They are eager to work in the relevant departments and be exposed to any new tools, industry news and software before embarking on a more permanent career.

Job Shares

We can help fill a position with two Mojomums, ensuring that there is always someone there, and the hours are always covered. It also means that you are gaining extra input and ideas for the same role which can only be a benefit.

Part-time workers

The flexibility of our Mojomums means that as an employer you can utilise our Mojomums to meet peaks in demands for your business.


We have some very talented mums who cover a lot of areas from marketing and web design, solicitors and accountants, to mums who make and design unique products. We represent these mums and help them find freelance work that suits everyone’s needs.


Using the skills of our mums, we are able to offer telephone support from qualified mums for a range of needs. This is a pay-as-you-go service and can cover a wide range of skills.