About Us

The Mojo Group was formed in 2011 to offer a professional, diverse recruitment service to clients who believe that their work force is their most valuable asset.
The Mojo Group is made up of:
MojoJobs – Recruiting across all sectors, for all type of roles
Mojomums Jobs – getting mums back into the work place
Mojomums.co.uk – community website for working mums

Mojo Group is a full service recruitment agency working across all sectors and role. Expert teams within the Mojo Group enables us to take on specialist roles and fill positions with the right
candidates efficiently. Mojo approaches recruitment from every angle, helping organisations to fulfil all their requirements for fulltime, part-time, contract and temporary roles.

The ability to understand the ever changing employment market, along with the need to look outside the box, ensures that Mojo matches the right candidate to the right role – our ever
increasing talent pool of diverse candidates allows us to cherry pick the best candidates for our clients. Mojo’s strength lies in the professionalism of our staff. The company invests significant time
and resources into ensuring our recruitment professionals are highly trained which then in turn enables us to consistently source, and place, the best candidates for our clients.
We are committed to providing the best possible service.

From their previous employment, the management team at Mojo can draw upon their own experiences from years of recruiting talented personnel. They know that quantity isn’t quality and believe that a recruiter who spends their time extensively researching and vetting candidates before forwarding to the client, can save valuable time and money in the whole recruitment process


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